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A cocktail of diverse climbing; from hard trad onsights and first ascents, to intense limestone sport, slate, bouldering and deep water soloing. Welcome to Wales!
75 mins

Pete Robins, Tim Emmett, Johnny Dawes, James McHaffie, Pete Whittaker, Nick Bullock, Chris Doyle, Chris Davies, Gav Symonds

DVD also includes To the Rainbow 15 mins
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To the Rainbow Notes on HD downloads Still image from To the Rainbow
Also on the DVD we have a second film about Paul Pritchard and Johnny Dawes teaming up together as Paul makes a return to climbing 11 years after his head injury on the Totem Pole.
15 mins

This is included in the DVD, also available as a separate HD download at £2.99.

Directed by
Dave Brown

Produced by
Lynwen Brown

Associate Producer
John Whittle

Cover Photography
Adam Wainwright and
Dave Brown

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Andy Kirkpatrick is one of the mountain world’s big hitters: Winner of the Boardman-Tasker Award for his 2008 top selling book, Pyscho Vertical; prolific writer, gear guru, film maker and of course, a rather adventurous climber. But it is through his stand up shows that Andy is probably best known to the public.

Using video, music and a unique sense of humour, Andy details one of the most treacherous mountain ranges in the world, giving the audience a taste of what it is like on an expedition; being trapped on mile high summits in hurricane winds, buried by avalanche, or being pushed close to hypothermia whilst lashed to the side of a mountain.

Filmed live at Stornoway in December 2008, this DVD packs a full-on 100 minutes of the very best of Andy tale’s and humour. It is quite simply hilarious. Film length: 110 minutes

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The Story of the Tip To Tip Paramotor Expedition. Six men set out on their quest to fly the length of Britain on paramotors. Like the earliest methods of aviation this is flying in it’s most simple form. Suspended beneath a fabric wing and with a small propeller on their backs they set off on the journey of a lifetime.

The range of flying conditions that Britain throws at them takes a heavy toll and one by one the pilots encounter their own personal disasters. There are mid air wing collapses and free falling through the sky, crashes on take off, wings sucked into the engines and emergency landings abound. This is no easy ride.

The tension rises and when the team are forced out of the sky over the Scottish Highlands it looks like the expedition is doomed. But with true British determination they gradually they inch their way ever northwards into the eye of the storm.

Film length: 110 minutes

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In 1741 a Naval fleet left Portsmouth for the New World and war against the Spanish. It was to prove a disastrous voyage for all concerned, not least for HMS Wager and her crew. The epic saga of the survivor’s struggles after the wrecking of their ship has been lost in the mists of time, and none since Darwin on the Beagle have attempted to find the resting place of the Wager, until now.

Chris Holt and a team of intrepid adventurers braved the elements in Southern Chile and went in search of HMS Wager. With only two accounts of events, written by wreck crew members John Byron (grandfather to the poet Lord Byron) and John Bulkeley, to go by, the team unpick the threads of history. With extreme weather conditions, in one of the most remote areas of the world, and with 30 miles of earthquake ravaged coastline to search, have the team taken on an impossible task?

Narrated by Monty Halls
A Scientific Exploration Society Expedition.

Film length 35 minutes
Extras 6 minutes
Price £9.99